Incubation and Innovation


JKUAT IP incubation centre is a business support centre designed to accelerate the successful development of start-up and fledging businesses by providing the necessary support ( business development services, space, high speed internet, administrative support, professional guidance and mentorship) to budding entrepreneurs who wish to launch themselves into a world of technology- based business careers with an array of targeted resources and services for a period of twelve (12) months with a possibility of extension. The main goal of the centre is to aid increase growth potential, resulting in a self-sustaining and profitable business venture.


The mission of the incubation centre is to support the launch, growth, stabilization and the success of business enterprises locally and internationally through provision of professionals and a network of experts dedicated to the success of the business ventures. As an incubate of JKUAT IP, you will have access to management guidance, technical assistance and consultancy services that are tailored to your business growth needs. Other benefits include access to shared business services and equipment, technology support and assistance in obtaining financing necessary for business growth.


To fast-track high growth start-ups through smart investment capital by supporting and developing robust and globally-connected businesses

  • Independent innovators
  • JKUAT research pools
  • Other research pools outside JKUAT
  • Nurturebot- A project that involves seedling nurturing
  • Makaaridi- An Agricultural Humidifier
Key Stakeholders
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministrtry of Information, Communication and Technology
  • Professional bodies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Development partners
  • The private sector



  1. The business activity proposed is within JKUAT IP priority sectors.
  2. The venture proposed is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship.
  3. Demonstrate a need for incubator services.
  4. Demonstrate capability for business viability and growth.
  5. The business plan submitted by the entrepreneur is sound.
  6. In the absence of a proper business plan, the request for membership will be accepted provisionally if business proposal looks promising prima-facie to the expert committee.
  7. The entrepreneur will submit a proper business plan to JKUAT IP Innovation hub, which will be reviewed by the expert committee before final acceptance.
  8. The business proposed should have significant technology content and employment potential.
  9. The entrepreneurs may or may not have a track record in undertaking entrepreneurial ventures.
  10. A first time entrepreneur should have the requisite aptitude in promoting the venture. The expert committee will assess this through personal interview, review of past activities, background check, references etc.


  1. Determination of eligibility by JKUAT IP Incubation and Innovation hub based on preliminary application.
  2. JKUAT IP Innovation hub and the entrepreneur will sign a mutual nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
  3. Submission of complete application
  4. JKUAT IP Incubation and Innovation hub sets up an expert committee to evaluate the application.
  5. The expert committee reviews the application
  6. The entrepreneur gives a presentation of the business plan to the expert committee
  7. Due diligence by the expert committee (including background and credit check of entrepreneur)
  8. Decision by expert committee and feedback to the applicant.


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