Shujaa Tractor

Shujaa Tractor

The 10.5 HP tractor project is a collaboration of the JKUAT, SRISTI and USAID INDIA, which is a technology transfer project. It promotes farm mechanization and hence reducing dependence on of unreliable animal draft power or human labour.

This tractor can plough 5 acres in a day with a fuel consumption of 5 litres per acre. The cost of ploughing per acre is kshs. 1500 which is equivalent to cost of ox-ploughing and which far much cheaper than the cost of ordinary tractor which charges kshs 3000-4000 per acre.

It is efficient and affordable to farmers hence acquiring it will boost the agricultural production in the Kenyan rural set-up which in turn will address the problem of food security in the country. The farmer income will increase significantly due to increase of production and timeliness of farm operations brought about by mechanization. It has competitive advantage of size which enables it to plough small land holdings.



This tractor performs the following farm operations:

  • Ploughing
  • Harrowing
  • Ridging
  • Planting
  • Transport
  • Spraying
  • PTO to run water pump Powering a chaff-cutter


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